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Why Spend a Summer Studying Nuclear Engineering?

2009 GroupMaybe you’re interested in starting your career at a nuclear power plant or utility, an engineering firm that designs and builds nuclear reactors, or governmental agencies like the Nuclear Regulatory Commission or the Department of Energy. Or perhaps you’d like to study nuclear engineering in graduate school, but like many people who hold advanced degrees in nuclear engineering, including most of the faculty at UT-Austin, you’re not majoring in nuclear engineering as an undergrad. You might even be satisfying a curiosity you’ve had and wish to explore what nuclear engineering is like before making any decisions.




StudentsAdmission to the Institute is a prestigious and rewarding accomplishment. To reflect this, a generous support package is being provided for each enrollee.  You will receive room and meal plan credit in a campus dormitory via University Housing Services.  In addition, you will be paid a stipend of $1200 and you won’t need to buy textbooks: we provide them to you at no cost.  Finally, you will be reimbursed for travel expenses of up to $500.



IMG_0356The institute will offer an intensive, four week course of study during July and August of 2011. It's intended for undergraduates from outside of UT-Austin who are pursuing a degree in a discipline other than nuclear engineering (NE) as well as those who are working toward NE degrees at schools without a research reactor.




ClassOur 2009 and 2010 institutes were successful and fun. Six faculty taught twenty-seven students in weekday morning lectures, early afternoon laboratories, and late afternoon homework and lab problem solving sessions. The students participating in our Institutes come to Austin from all over the country.

Represented schools include:
  • Texas Southern University
  • North Carolina A&T State University
  • The University of Nebraska
  • Kansas State University
  • Angelo State University
  • The University of Texas at Arlington
  • Florida Memorial University
  • Oklahoma State University
  • Oklahoma Christian University
  • University of California, Berkeley
  • Texas Tech University
  • Prairie View A&M University
  • Huston-Tillotson University



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