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SNEI Requirements

StudentIn this section of the website you can find answers to the following questions:
  • am I eligible to apply?
  • what are the deadlines – when must my application be in and when will I find out if I’ve been accepted?
  • what are the benefits (stipend, housing, travel, etc) of attending the Institute?
  • how will I receive academic credit for the Institute?

Your applications will include a transcript, resume, and most importantly a statement of personal interest in the objectives of the Institute.

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Academic Credit

StudentsIt is very important that you receive a material academic benefit from participation in the Institute. To that end, you'll be enrolled by the University Extension in two UT-Austin courses created for the Institute. The courses are approved by the Mechanical Engineering Department and Cockrell School of Engineering and count as upper-division undergraduate technical electives.  Each class will be worth three university credits for a total of six credit hours.  University Extension will handle enrollment services for students, including registration and grade reporting. The credit and grades you earn will be available on an official transcript through the University's Registrar's office.  You will work through your University’s registrar to transfer the credits, just as you would for any other credit transfer.


Schedules & Deadlines

The table shows the key dates in the application process.

Key Event Date
Applications Become Available October 15, 2010
Application Due Date March 15, 2011
Applicants Notified of Decision No Later Than April 1, 2011
Decision to Accept or Decline to Attend by April 15, 2011
We accept applications on a rolling basis. Therefore, the earlier you apply, the sooner you are likely to receive a decision.


We’re accepting applications from students who will have sophomore, junior or senior standing this summer. May 2011 graduates are not eligible except under special circumstances. We will enroll twelve students in the 2011 Institute.

StudentIf you are majoring in an engineering field outside of nuclear, or chemistry, physics or another scientific field, you are eligible to apply.

The Institute is open to undergrads who are United States citizens enrolled in any four-year college or university. If you study at one of the Big-12 Conference universities that does not have a research reactor, you are especially encouraged to apply. Big-12 universities in this category are: Iowa State University, The University of Colorado, The University of Kansas, The University of Nebraska, Baylor University, Oklahoma State University, Texas Tech University and The University of Oklahoma.

If you don’t meet the above eligibility conditions, you may still be accepted to the Institute if you can present an explanation of how it would serve your career goals. We recommend that you contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it before applying.

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